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EatFit’s Cookbook has been put together by a top chef Alex Betts that specialises in healthy food. The cookbook has 20 recipes including four breakfast meals, nine main meals and seven desserts and snacks. Eating endless chicken and broccoli is now off the menu with these  delicious and healthy recipes.

All of these recipes have been put together to make your busy lifestyle that little bit easier. All of the recipes have been put together and had the macros worked out for you. All you have to do is taper them to fit the diet plan that you want to achieve. So if you are bulking you can increase the amount of protein in the meals that in turn will increase the fat so will therefore work better for your diet.

The recipes have also been made to be as easy as possible as I know as well as all you, the last thing u want after a tough day at work and a hard session at the gym is huge long winded recipe. All of the recipes provided have been tried and tested and none of them take longer than 25 minutes to prepare.

There is a lot of variation with high carb, low carb, high calorie and low calorie meals so it is easy to fit into your diet plan and hit your daily targets whether you are cutting or bulking.

For instance if you’re cutting but one of the meals you want to try will take you over your fat allowance for the day. Then this can be easily rectified by slightly reducing the meat and carbohydrate in the meal so that it fits to your requirements. Within the pack there is also a breakdown of usual day-to-day ingredients that we all consume and their nutritional values to help you with snacks etc. and to help you ensure you hit your daily targets set by EatFit.

The cookbook is a downloadable PDF that will be available in your account immediately after purchase, it will also be sent to the email you provide. You can view and save the cookbook on a PC, tablet, phone and is also printable!

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