Bikini Body Guide




This comprehensive guide includes a diet plan, training plan and all the critical information you need to lose body fat and tone up.


Diet Plan

The diet plan will be tailored to your weight and body type, with a full macro break down. All the main protein, carb and fat sources are included with their nutritional values, so you can build a fully tailored plan to suit you. It also includes a meal plan template to fit your meals into.

Training Plan

The training plan is a 16-week plan that includes a training split, detailed information on form, with images. It also includes rep ranges, number of sets, drop sets and supersets.


The guide is packed full of information including supplementation, common gym misconceptions, macronutrients explained in detail, rest and recovery, general tips and lots more.

What Guide To Pick

Pick the guide, which your weight falls into, as all the diet plans are specific to that weight. If you lie in between a weight category then pick the one closest to your weight.

Buying our guide will give you all the information you need to begin building your ideal body. All this for half the price of what a typical personal trainer would charge for an hour!

The guide will be in PDF format – can be viewed and stored on all devices including, smart phone and ipad – also printable.