Nutrition Misconceptions

The world of sporting nutrition is full of pseudo science and misconceptions repeated like Chinese-whispers across the globe.  Here are a few debunked for you.

Carbs at Night with Be Stored as Fat

Incorrect. There is negligible difference in the storage of carbohydrates at triglycerides (fats) at any point in the day.  Just because you are sleeping, your body does not change how or where it stores fat.

Carbs Make You Fat

Incorrect.  Only an excess of calories over your daily maintenance amount will make you fat.  While macro split percentages are important in building muscle and losing fat effectively, the absolute bottom line will always be calories in, calories out.

Low-Fat Alternatives Are Better for You

Incorrect.  More often than not, products are labelled low-fat as a ploy to catch shoppers attention, with no regard to what the fat in the product has been replaced with, usually, excess sugars and chemicals.  Personally I avoid anything claiming to be low fat unless it’s a dairy product.

Your Body Needs Carbohydrates in a Diet Function

Incorrect.  While carbs are certainly not the enemy as generally thought by the uneducated, the body only requires fats and protein to function.  It has methods of turning fat storage into carbohydrate when needed.

You Need Protein Shakes

Incorrect.  Protein shakes are a handy supplement if you are struggling to hit your protein targets for the day and are a convenience.  If you can hit your protein targets with food alone then even better.

Supplements Are Steroids

Incorrect.  No over the counter supplement is allowed to contain any steroidal properties as these are controlled substances.  While steroids are a controlled substance and legal to use personally, they are illegal to sell and put in supplements.  This is a factor when women decide to avoid supplements as they think they are going to make them masculine, when they absolutely cannot make women masculine.