A common misconception is that healthy eating has to cost a fortune so to rid your minds of this rubbish I’m going to break down the cost of a 14 stone male in his 30’s on a fat loss type diet as a rough example, and show how little he could be spending per week to stick to his targets.  Obviously this will vary from person to person and tailored diets will vary on macronutrient targets for many reasons, so we’ll use round numbers to make it simpler to look at.


Firstly,  This Is How Much Roughly You Should Be Paying for Fresh Foods:


Eggs – 20p each

Chicken Breast – £6 per kg

Steak – £9 per kg

Cod – £8 per kg

Rice – £1 per kg

Potato – £1 per kg

Pasta – £1 per kg

I’m going to put Dr Awesome on 2000kcal with targets of 200g protein and 200g carbs per day and 4 solid meals for simple sake.

Split this all equally again for simple sake.  4 meals of 50g protein, 50g carbs and 500kcal.


Meal 1 – 5x Whole eggs + 2x soya linseed toast

560kcal / 40p / 30c

Meal 2 – 250g Chicken Breast + 200g rice

400kcal / 45p / 50c


Meal 3 – 200g Steak + 250g potato

560kcal / 60p / 40c


Meal 4 – 250g Cod + 200g potato

370kcal / 45p / 30c


Day Total = 1890kcal / 190p / 150c


Leaving Dr Awesome a hundred or so calories and plenty of free carbs to use with sauces/vegetables of his choice with his meals.


Assuming He Eats This Variety Every Day He Will Need Roughly:


2kg Chicken Breast – £12

1.5kg Steak – £15

2kg Cod – £20

1.5kg Rice – £1.50

3.5kg Potato – £3.50

35 eggs – £7

Bread £1.50

Weeks total for this is £65.50 with chicken breast, steak and cod every day!!! Obviously this total would be much lower if he wanted to eat chicken more and less expensive meats, I’m just giving an example with more variety.  If you didn’t want the luxury of steak and cod EVERY day this could easily be around £45 per week plus any sauces etc or veg.  Veg will only be a few pound per week max.


How many people will spend £10+ per day on a Costa/Starbucks and sandwich etc while in work?!


I guess “it’s too expensive to follow a good diet” just won’t wash anymore!