About EatFit

EatFit wanted to make it as easy as possible for anyone looking to get in shape to get a nutrition and training plan written by a specialist without all the face-to-face consultation and long-winded approach. Our 12 years combined weight training experience, nutrition, Personal training and sport qualifications have helped us identify what we believe to be the most crucial information. Covering nutrition and training and  everything else you need to know in order to massively speed up progress, overcome plateaus, and improve all round fitness knowledge.

About Kane

Struggling through my childhood with obesity and bulimia, around the age of 18 I ended up wandering into a local gym to have a look around and was amazed at the pictures of the physiques on the walls.  I’d decided that was what I was wanted and I was tired of being overweight then underweight and wanted to look like the guys on the walls.  I’d always been a bit of a science nerd so that fell hand in hand with the biology, chemistry and nutritional science I began to start studying.  After a few years id qualified as a Nutritional Consultant and Personal Trainer, starting my business out of various gyms in the area and becoming more and more well known.

In 2013 I competed in the NABBA First Timers Bodybuilding category and took 3rd place, then In 2014 I competed in the NABBA West Britain Bodybuilding show and won 1st place in the Class 1 category at 97kg.  At current I am “intending” to take a couple of years off competing, concentrating on the businesses and packing on as much decent muscle mass as I can before returning to the stage around late 2015 to compete in a regional  Super Heavy category.

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About Mike

I have always played sports and been generally fit and healthy but was always skinny. When I was studying sport at 6th form a new gym opened up in my area and I decided to join, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I was going about twice a week doing everything wrong and seeing no changes what so ever, after about 3 months of this I finally got myself into a training routine.

I started to progress but was still not eating correctly because I didn’t know what to eat or how much. After my first year of university my diet had improved massively as I got more into building muscle. My training and diet is now pretty good, I am currently 5 weeks into cutting around 14st with another 8 weeks to go I’m hopefully going to be the leanest I’ve been.